StrathfisherFly Casting Instruction and Guiding.Scotland and South of England-Strathfisher

StrathfisherFly Casting Instruction and Guiding.Scotland and South of England-Strathfisher

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Originally from the central belt in Scotland and now living on the south coast of England, I started fishing at age 5 and have been fishing now for just over 50 years - almost a lifetime! Like many anglers, my first introduction to fishing was chasing Perch with a float and a worm in the local canal, progressing onto trout in the wee burns and eventually salmon in my local rivers, the River Forth and Teith near Stirling. Ive fished for a wide variety of species, dabbled with sea-fishing and coarse fishing plus a few exotics yet my true love is fly fishing for salmon and trout with most of my fishing now taking place in the highlands of Scotland. 

My love of fishing also pushed me towards completing a degree in fish biology and ecology, and although I wasn't lucky enough to pursue a career in that field it did generate  a greater understanding of fish behaviour and some of the ecological challenges we face in ensuring that our rivers are cared for and the fish that live in them protected.
As a young lad I  worked in the paper industry, based on the banks of River Carron in Stirlingshire,  where I sadly witnessing first hand the damage that polution can cause. I worked in the laboratory which meant that one of my tasks was to analyse the water coming into the mill and that leaving as effluent. Often I would watch the brown trout feed, literally with their tails in the white milky and pungent effluent at the point of discharge knowing that they were inches away from certain death if they were washed downstream. Who would have believed then that the River Carron now has a reasonable run of salmon and some excellent trout fishing in the reaches below where the mill used to be? Never in my lifetime did I believe that I would see it and although the mill is no longer there it has left behind a legacy that we should preserve forever.
I now realise  how far we have come in cleaning most of our rivers, but still the fight remains to clean our oceans, as the salmon still struggle to maintain and sustain a population that will ensure its survival. I do believe that without the anglers on the river, maybe selfishly concerned for retaining the opportunity to fish for them, pollution would still be an issue and overfishing by every method would have resulted in the demise of salmon on most of our rivers.   

Just before I hit 50,  I made a decision to become a flycasting instructor and also dabble a bit in distance casting with the BFCC. Although I havent broken any records yet, watch this space ! 
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